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PerfectPower is the reference embedded system in automotive power / performances measurements!

It is basically a revolutionary smartphone app of automotive power / performances measurements that quickly established itself as the reference smartphone app in the domain, by being the most reliable, the most complete, and the most independent.

But its results have so much overpassed the "standards" expected of measurements with a simple smartphone to reach the level of pros or semi-pros materials that it has naturally become the reference embedded system in automotive power / performances measurements, which offering the best price / results reliability / variety of features / working independence ratio!


1) Reliability of results unprecedented with a smartphone app and comparable to that of professional equipments, since it measures acceleration, speed, and distance with an accuracy of + - 0.5%, and power and torque with an accuracy + - 1% in single measurement and + - 0.25% on average of four measurements. All these values have been both theoretically established and proven in practice, as you can verify it on the site ...


2) Variety of features also unprecedented not only with a smartphone app but also all materials combined, since it allows:

- Measuring the corrected engine power, standing start runs, flying start runs, braking, and max speed of its car

- Calculating the gearbox ratios by rev calibration (as on chassis dynamometer), and measuring the losses in coastdown

- Simulating all the performances of its car (standing start runs, flying start runs, max speed, ideal max speeds)

- Measuring lap times on track

- Making engine development with the same efficiency as on chassis dynamometer

Of course, as its name indicates it, PerfectPower specialized itself in power measurements, which are the most interesting performances measurements of all.


3) Total independence of working, since it requires absolutely no connection to any external equipment (external GPS receiver, car ECU, etc ...), which allows it to run on 100% of the cars produced on the planet, and with your only smartphone as measuring instrument!


4) It only costs ... 27 euros, when:

- a chassis dynamometer (professional tool for measuring power) costs between 30,000 and 120,000 euros!

- a simple measurement on such material is invoiced 50 to 120 euros (without guarantee of a maximum reliability!)

- an optical reading system (professional tool for measuring performances -accelerations, reprises, maximum speed, braking-) as this used by the majority of European automotive magazines costs around 15,000 euros...

- a Performance Box (semi-professional tool for measuring performances -accelerations, reprises, maximum speed, braking-)  as this used by the majority of American automotive magazines and by a certain number of passionated (and wealthy!) amateurs costs 576 euros!

- any other power and/or performances measurement system of equivalent price (such as the PerfExpert app or the PowerDyn software) is far from being able to provide the level of accuracy demonstrated by PerfectPower, while generally being much less complete, and not devoid of constraints (need to perform a very rigorous calibration of the accelerometer and to provide a very complex parameter -the pitch- for PerfExpert, car to be equipped with an OBD outlet -OBD PowerDyn-, need to perform a handcrafted assembly -"standard" PowerDyn-, ...)


Let us note that of these four points, it is probably the working independence which is the most remarkable, because PerfectPower proves thereby that:

- the level of some technical components (accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS receiver) of a modern smartphone is amazing, and does not require the use of external equipments to improve its performances already of very high level

- it is the one and only smartphone app capable of fully exploiting the potential of these components, and by far (it is obviously not enough to retrieve the informations of the sensors as is to exploit them correctly: it is the result of hundreds of hours of working!)

- it is the one and only smartphone app capable of transforming a smartphone into professional equipment, without "relying" as some competitors do on an external equipment that is supposed to improve the results reliability, while remaining much more reliable than these "helped" competitors




Functions of PerfectPower (9)


I) Power

Engine power @ rev

Engine torque @ rev

Max acceleration @ rev

Max speed @ max rev

Power / Rev and Torque / Rev curves


II) Accelerations

60ft, 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile, 3300ft SS (with speeds)

0 - 20 mph, 0 - 40 mph, ..., 0 - 200 mph

Max acceleration @ speed

Max speed @ time

Acceleration / Time and Speed / Time curves


III) Reprises

x - y mph, on a z gear (x, y, z chosen by you):

Total time

No speed constraints (except those of your car)


IV) Braking (unprecedented with a smartphone app)

x - 0 mph (x chosen by you):

Breaking distance

Breaking time

Average deceleration

Average speed


V) Speed

Average speed over 3 seconds or instantaneous speed ==>

Real max speed 

Speedometer calibration

Rev calibration


VI) Rev calibration (as on a chassis dynamometer) (unprecedented with a smartphone app)

Rev calibration ==> 

Calculation of gear ratios

Verification of their accuracy if manually entered


VII) Losses measurement (unprecedented in smartphone app)

Deceleration in coastdown at x mph (x chosen by you):

Losses law of type a + bV^2 

Measured losses (force)

Measured losses (power)

Measured speed 

==> Calculation of the Cd.A


VIII) Simulation of performances (unprecedented with a smartphone app)

1) Accelerations 

60ft, 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile, 3300ft SS and 60 s SS (with speeds)

0 - 20 mph, 0 - 40 mph, ..., 0 - 200 mph

Max acceleration @ speed

Max speed @ time

Ideal max revs on each gear (+ speed reached)

2) Reprises

 x - y mph on a z gear (x, y, z chosen by you)

Max acceleration @ speed

3) Max speed

Max speed @ rev (+ gear)

4) Ideal max revs

Ideal max revs to be reached on each gear for best performances


IX) Lap Timer

Lap time on track (30 laps max)

Total time of the session (30 laps max or 30 minutes max)

Instantaneous & average speed

Total distance




Outstanding technical features of PerfectPower (18)


PerfectPower incorporates 18 outstanding technical features of which 14 are unprecedented...

1) Accurate, permanent, and clever combination of informations from the accelerometer and the GPS receiver for results with a maximum accuracy, having allowed the removal of the heavy accelerometer calibration procedure

2) Double or triple choice of units of each value, in the most common systems (metric and Anglo-Saxon), allowing a mix of units of different values, and choice of background and curves colors for power graphs

3) Correction of engine power and engine torque according to all official standards currently used worldwide (DIN 70020, CEE / E, SAE J1349, JIS D1001, ISO 1585) (unactivable)

4) Possibility of automatic retrieval of weather conditions worldwide with altimetric correction (QNH -> QFE) and supply of a location bulletin (GPS coordinates, altitude, name of the weather station)

5) Numerous possibilities of setting for the seven types of measurement

6) Complete Car sheets, offering the best possible compromise between the reliability of the results of the engine power measurements (1% maximum error) and easy entry of all the fields of these Car sheets

7) Seven separate types of measurement: Power, Accelerations, Reprises, Braking, Speed, Rev calibration, Losses measurement

8) Rev calibration procedure allowing the calculation of gear ratios or their check

9) Procedure of measurement of the losses in coastdown allowing the calculation of the Cd.A (for all), and the calculation of the coefficients of rolling resistance and the Cd.A (automotive professionals technical oriented, technical enthusiasts)

10) Automatic detection of the start with an accuracy of around a hundredth of a second, without the need to set a triggering threshold on the acceleration (trigger)

11) Real-time measurement control system, from the pressing on the "Start" button to the end of the measurement automatically spotted (quality of the phone mounting when stopped -rigidity, vibrations, position along the 3 axes- and its stability during the measurement -rotation along the 3 axes-, GPS working, GPS reception, measurement time, etc.), giving you its balance sheet at the end of the measurement. This system is primarily informative and pedagogic, ie it will alert you to any measurement imperfections -in the form of warnings- without prohibiting it in many cases

12) Advanced techniques for filtering and smoothing signals (functions of vibration level and road quality), perfectly adapted to power measurements on road with a smartphone

13) Extremely reliable and realistic dynamic calculation of losses to "go back" to engine power, benefiting in particular from tests campaigns results (Citroën Sport -1997-, INRETS -2005-, PerfectPower -2017-1 & 2017-2-)

14) Extremely complete results sheets (power, accelerations, reprises, braking), giving all the results that an enthusiast of automobile performances measurement may need, and having a comparison / averaging system of two to four measurements (results AND curves) and generating a new averaged result

15) True curves corrected engine power / rev and corrected engine torque / rev, exactly as on chassis dynamometer

16) Interactive graph system, allowing access to numerous measuring points by sliding the finger on the graph

17) Extremely sophisticated performances simulator, allowing to calculate all the performances of its car (accelerations, reprises, max speed, ideal max revs), and to instantly simulate the effect of any modification (gearbox, tires, weight, aerodynamic, etc. ...) on the performances

18) Track screen with Lap Timer allowing to measure its lap times on the track with an accuracy of around a tenth of a second (depending on quality of the GPS reception), and to know all the interesting informations of race (instantaneous and average speed, total distance)




The creator of PerfectPower


PerfectPower has the particularity of having a one and only creator, namely myself the writer of this site, and i already specify it by desire of clarity and honesty, but also so that you are not surprised of the personal style sometimes used in the different rubrics of this site, and for good reason...


So I manage everything from A to Z, namely:

- The development of the two programs (Androïd and iOS)

- Validation tests of different versions

- The development of the site

- After-sales service to the users

In final, this offers many advantages -unique and independent management of the project, homogeneity of the product, a single interlocutor for the users- for only one disadvantage: the limited frequency of the evolutions.

However, a look at the History of PerfectPower will convince you that this disadvantage is quite relative, because I put all my passion and all my will in the service of this fantastic application that I intend to keep at the top of the category... 


Although I chose to remain very discreet about myself, I want to give you the outlines of my career so that we are you and I on trusted ground:

- I am 44 years old, whose 35 are devoted in good part to the automobile

- I am an enthusiast of sport and 70s / 80s / 90s cars

- I am a passionate and a specialist in power / performances measurements

- I am of physical formation (two  graduates "+5" in Physics) and not computer, but this one is a hobby practiced since the age of 9 years

- I belonged to the sport cars environment as a Citroën Sport Calculations Engineer where I notably developed the crankshaft of the Xsara Kit Car and was responsible for the performances measurements of the 210 hp Saxo Kit Car in Montlhery, and i have rubbed many specialists in automotive physic such as Jean-Pierre Roumegoux, research director of INRETS and creator of SIMULCO software (simulation of cars consumption)

- The sector of power / performances measurements is a sector that I perfectly master since I have been interested in it since my youngest age (9 years), and at 12, I had already realized on Apple IIc a simulation software of performances (cars & motorcycles, train) and consumption (cars & motorcycles) for my own pleasure. I then refined the calculation accuracy of these softwares with the increase of my knowledges, until getting for my simulator of cars performances results identical to those of the one used internally by Citroën Sport when I rejoined them later, the "Tour" software

- I also have a perfect master of the chassis dynos that I used as an amateur for 22 years (from 1990 to 2012), having allowed me to train some new owners of these instruments and write an article  on them. So I know all the qualities but also the obvious limitations of these materials, and I am thus allowed to say that PerfectPower is the most reliable and least expensive alternative -euphemism- to these professional materials


In final, I would really like to bring ALL power measurements / automotive performances enthusiasts of which I am obviously part of to make PerfectPower their unique and definitive power measurement / automotive performances instrument, as I did personally in 2012 when I created PerfectPower...




History / Evolutions of PerfectPower


PerfectPower is available on iOS since July 2, 2012 and on Android since August 9, 2014. It is used by a growing number of enthusiasts and automotive professionals - and it's only just beginning ... - and it continues to constantly evolve to stay at the top of its category.


You will find its history in the History of PerfectPower rubric, and its evolutions in the Evolutions of PerfectPower rubric.