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END (at least temporary) of the PerfectPower application that i just removed from the sale on both Android and iOS plaforms on Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at 19H

More infos very soon (i'm very busy thank you for understanding)


Welcome on the site of PerfectPower, the reference embedded system in automotive power / performances measurements!

PerfectPower is a revolutionary smartphone app of automotive power / performances measure that quickly established itself as the reference smartphone app in the domain, by being the most reliable, the most complete, and the most independent.

But PerfectPower is above all the reference embedded system in automotive power / performances measurements, which offering the best price / results reliability / variety of functionalities / working independence ratio!


Five major goals:

- Measuring the corrected engine power, standing start runs, flying start runs, braking, and max speed of its car

- Calculating the gearbox ratios by rev calibration (as on chassis dynamometer), and measuring the losses in coastdown

- Simulating all the performances of its car (standing start runs, flying start runs, max speed, ideal max speeds)

- Measuring lap times on track

- Making engine development with the same efficiency as on chassis dynamometer


More information about PerfectPower is available in the section PerfectPower, what's this?


If you are passionated about sport cars, power / performances measurements, and motor development, enter the PerfectPower world, a world that will delight you and that will convince you this application is the one you ever needed...




PerfectPower Cars Androïd


Releasing on Saturday, July 28, 2018 of the 5.5 version (list of the evolutions in rubric History of PerfectPower)


PerfectPower Cars iOS


Releasing on Saturday, November 10, 2018 of the 4.1 version (list of the evolutions in rubric History of PerfectPower)


IMPORTANT (Sa, May 12, 2018)


The bug inadvertently introduced by Apple in its iOS 11.2 (December 4, 2017) that caused the malfunction of a decoding function of a specific type of variables (arrays of "Objective-C" floats) preventing the recovery of graphics (power and accelerations) and performances simulation in PerfectPower iOS installed on an iPhone (all models) equipped with this iOS 11.2 has finally been corrected in its latest iOS 11.3 (March 29, 2018), and all graphics as well as performances simulation are again available in PerfectPower iOS installed on an iPhone (all models) equipped with this latest iOS 11.3!


I say a big thank you to all the users of the iOS version of PerfectPower who had an iPhone equipped with the iOS 11.2 for the immense patience they showed!


However, I remind everyone that to definitely avoid in the future to experience this kind of unpleasant surprises of bugged iOS, I decided to completely replace in the next version PerfectPower iOS 4.1 (released on Monday, June 4, 2018) all variables of "Objective-C" type used in the previous versions by standard type variables that Apple won't bug "every four mornings" (french expression!), but this will have a "heavy" consequence:

All the cars and all the results (of any type) with their graphics will be lost at the first opening of PerfectPower iOS 4.1 which will create first a new memory structure totally virgin at this first opening.

However, there is a way to "keep" all cars / results / graphics, it is to make screenshots of them BEFORE installing PerfectPower iOS 4.1, thank you in advance for your understanding and your attention!


Note: This website is the PerfectPower official support. Browsing this site will present you at a glance all you need to know. Please refer to it first for any information.